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Ginkgo Forest

Ginkgo Forest

Don't feel like having a walk in Xitou?
Then go for a spin at Ginkgo Forest and enjoy the delightful views!

Ginkgo Forest is located at the common border of Chushan and Lugu. With an altitude of 1300-1600 meters, it is always cool there. The forest is surrounded by Sun Link Sea tea gardens; it is a good place to experience changeable views of mountains and clouds. When the weather is nice, you can gaze afar Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, and the Taiwan Strait.

Transportation: Drive for about 20 minutes oneway or hire a shuttle to go.
Route: Turn left at Ginkgo Hotel's entranceAt the crossroad, turn left onto Sun Link Sea HighwayPass the "Goat Corner" then turn right onto the industrial road (there is a direction sign "To Ginkgo Forest" at the intersection)Keep driving for about 3km and you will arrive at the Ginkgo Forest!

Store Information:
Wu Xiu Farm: 049-2009018
Sheep Bay Lane Lugu Township, Nantou County, No. 800-11
On-site Supply: coffee, tea, light meals, and hot pot

Travel tip:
1. On the way to Ginkgo Forest are full of Moso bamboo forest and tea gardens. It is recommeded to park and walk for a while to enjoy the beautiful views.
2. The temperature in the mountain is lower in morning and evening, have a jacket with you to avoid catching a cold.