溪頭孟宗山莊大飯店 - Owl Bar Café

Owl Bar Café

~Stopover in Gingko Hotel: Good coffee, Good tea, and Good mood.~

Owl Bar Café offers pour-over coffee, Kung Fu tea, light meals, and afternoon tea; there are also board games, brain games, and toys thay you can play with. It is a good place for you to get together with family and friends.

⊙If you want to relax, there are large areas of forest outside the window, as well as a water landscape terrace.  Slow down your path and enjoy peaceful moment and leisure here with music and coffee.

⊙The café becomes a casual bar at night, serving alcohols and snacks. There are also electronic darts, hand foosball, and other facilities which allow people of all ages to enjoy the night life in Xitou.

Food & Service Hours Meals

Pour-over coffee / Kung Fu tea,

Light meals / Afternoon tea

Board games / Brain games / Toys /

Books, Magazines, &Comics

12:00 ~ 22:00

Pour-over coffee / Kung Fu tea

Light meals / Afternoon tea


Side dishes / Snacks

Alcohols  / Side dishes / Snacks

Electronic darts / Hand foosball

18:00 ~ 22:00